Hello, and welcome to our anti-aging skin care website, where we will be posting fun and useful tips for better and healthier looking skin. We’re just getting started, so please bear with us as we get our act together. At least we have the first part done! 🙂 At least we’re here!

But, let’s take a moment to offer up our staff pick on one of the absolutely most important skin care tips that we know of. And it isn’t going to cost you more than the cost of a water bottle. That’s right – water! Did you know that proper hydration is one of the most important things you can do for healthy skin?

Even as I type this introductory post, I have a 32-ounce bottle of fresh, clean water at my right! I make it a point to drink a couple of quarts of water per day – more if I’ve been working out or sweating.

Hydrate your skin from the inside first – because all the expensive moisturizers on the planet aren’t going to be enough for supple, smooth, and healthy skin without water feeding you from the inside.

Come back soon when we have more content ready to go!